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The user friendly servo drive you hoped existed

The HDrive is an easy to use IoT enabled servo drive with a sophisticated position control algorithm.

  • Easy to use: The servo motor offers a quick and simple start with its integrated web-interface.
  • No device drivers or cable adapters:  all you need to start is a 12V-24V power supply.
  • Communication: Contorl the HDrive by human readable XML messages send from your favorite programming language
  • Easy extensibility: Each HDrive can control up to 8 slave motors with 3 wires CAN-Bus

Technical data

Drive modes
  • Torque control
  • Speed control
  • Position Control
Sensor system
  • Type: Calibrated, magnetic single turn absolute encoder 
  • Resolution: 14 Bit
  • System accuracy:
    +/- 0.2° (1 Sigma)
Drive performance
  • Stall torque:0.5 Nm (without gearbox)
  • Maximum Speed: 1’000 RPM
  • Maximum Acceleration:  50’000 RPM/s
  • Ethernet protocols:
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • HTTP
  • Field bus :
    • CAN-Slave
    • CAN-Master (HDrive generates a local CAN bus)
Digital I/O
  • Step/Dir (configurable)
  • PWM-Torque in
  • PWM-Position in
  • PWM-Torque out

Industrial version

The HDrive17-ETH-i is the industrial version of the HDrive17-ETH. It comes with industrial grade M8 connectors and more Digital I/O pins.

Strategic Partners

We are proud to work with industry leading partners like

Rock solid design

You can rely on our drives and their code inside. Our drive is built using best practices and modern electronic components to ensure smooth usage process. Although, the HDrive is engineered and produced entirely in Switzerland.


Prototyping Experience

Build gorgeous applications in no time. Concentrate on your application, the motor is doing the motion – reliable and fast.


Henschel-Robotics GmbH
Mulchlingerstrasse 67, CH-8405 Winterthur