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Your imagination is the limit - not the PLC abilities

Build complex multi axis systems with more than 20 drives running simultaneously. Control everything by your favorite programming language.

Keep the flexibility and scalability of the system with your programming skills.

Whats inside?

The HDrive17 has been engineered to ensure highest lifetime and reliability.


Build for your taste

The HDrive17 has an integrated web server. Configure your whole drive train system by this web-interface.

With the live visualization, you get instant feedback on what’s happening – on any Webbrowser on your mobile phone or at your desktop computer. This also while the drive is operating.

No Software or App needs to be installed. All you need is a web browser.

Sophisticated control


The HDrive is powered by a state of the art ARM microcontroller and a high-end position sensor.

Jerk free motion

Due to a complex control algorithm (FOC), it is possible to move the motor entier smooth. There is hardly any difference to a DC-Servo-Motor.

7 state motion planer

Acceleration, Deceleration and speed can be adjusted independently. The motion planer is always calculating the right values depending on the current motor state.

Attach up to 8 slave motors.

Each HDrive can be used as a CAN slave or master.

Configure your HDrive as CAN-Master and it will create a local CAN-Network for you!

Slaves-Drives are getting recognized automatically.

Don’t care about the communication between the salves. The HDrive master is receiving your command over Ethernet and distributes it to all slave drives.

The motion is automatically triggered by a sync signal, thus the master and all slaves will start their motion at the same time.


Everything integrated.

A conventional servo motor is made out of multiple parts. The user needs to setup, wire and configure everything.

The HDrive does only need an Ethernet capable device on the host side. A PC is sufficient, only plug the power and the ethernet and your setup is done

Transparent communication.

One simple and understandable command is all it takes to move an HDrive:

<control position=”202″ speed=”300″ current=”150″ mode=”129″ acc=”1000″ decc=”1000″ />

This command sets a new target position of the servo motor to 20.2° the max. speed for the internal path planer is 300 RPM, acceleration and deceleration is set to 1000 RPM/s with a torque limit of 150 mNm.

Almost any programming languages are capable of sending such text commands over TCP/IP with just a few lines of code. This XML-interface makes programming of even complex movement patterns a breeze.

It is also possible to use a binary format to increase the host performance and security.

All the tools you’ll need.

You can use nearly every Ethernet capable device to control our HDrive Servo motor. Don’t care about device drivers and other OS dependencies.

Control the HDrive17 with Arduino’s Ethernet shield, Raspberry PI,  Beagle Bone, industrial PCs or normal desktop PCs.


Find impressions and collect ideas on how to use the HDrive: