Swiss robotics industry day

We have shown our product and a 6-DOF painting robot arm at the Swiss robotics industry day 2018 in Lausanne – again.

CE Conformity

After two days of measurement at Eurofins, we successfully passed EMC/EMI and safety tests. Thanks to the friendly the experts in the lab.

Venture kick stage 1.

We successfully participated in the Venture Kick stage 1. This gave us the right kick mentally and financally.

Thank you VentureKick!

Started the development of the first WiFi-Stepper drive system

The idea was born during the work on a mockup of the EU framework project AVERT. The Mockup should show approve the motion simulation of the kinematics of the 8 wheeled Mecanum wheel drive system.

The first HDrive have been wireless and could be connected over the WiFi network. Today this can simply be achieved by connecting an HDrive to a Wifi router.