Henschel-Robotics GmbH is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of our advanced Nema17 Sized Servo Drive, complete with EtherCAT-P capabilities. This innovative product is engineered to deliver exceptional performance while eliminating the necessity for a separate PLC system. Further details will be disclosed shortly; we invite you to stay connected for this pivotal advancement in the industry.

Nema23 Servo with up to 2.5 Nm stall torque

Soon we will release a novel power stage for our HDrive which is capable to drive bigger motors with a total current of up to 10A continuously. This power stage will be used in our Nema23 and Nema24 motors. This development will also enable tests with much bigger motors like the Nema34 or Nema42.

The release date is scheduled to the end of 2021.


Ripple current compensation

A beachelor thesis at the zuerich university of applied science (ZHAW) has been made by M. Bill and L. Wyssling prospecting the torque ripple compensation on the field oriented control of the HDrive17. This compensation allows to increase the path accuracy during positioning. The topic was theoretically analyzed in Matlab Simulink and implemented on a HDrive17 Servodrive. Furthermore a laser projector was build to show the improvement while projecting a laser beam along a printed trajectory on a paper.

The ripple current compensation is increasing the trajectory accuracy by almost 50%  in movements with a velocity at around 50 RPM.

Swiss robotics industry day

We have shown our product and a 6-DOF painting robot arm at the Swiss robotics industry day 2018 in Lausanne – again.

CE Conformity

After two days of measurement at Eurofins, we successfully passed EMC/EMI and safety tests. Thanks to the friendly experts in the lab!


Venture kick stage 1.

We successfully participated in the Venture Kick stage 1. This gave us the right kick mentally and financally.

Thank you VentureKick!