The HDrive is a brushless direct drive based on a two phase hybrid stepper motor. The motor is driven field controlled what causes the motor behaving similar to a high pole DC motor. This has been done with a very fast current control which is magnetizing the coils depending on the rotor position. The internal control is always giving the motor the minimal torque needed for the motion. There are no jerks and no noise at any situation as seen in conventional stepper motor controls. Please find our great specs below (Hdrive 17-ETH).


Elecrical characteristic

Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Voltage 12 24 24 V
Current 0 2.5 A
Power Consumption 60 W
Current Digital I/Os (lowside switch) -0.1 0.5 A

This Table shows the electrical characterisitcs of the HDrive17-ETH


Mechanical characteristic

Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Outside Dimmensions 42 x 42 x 80 mm
Stall Torque -0.5 0.5 Nm
Speed -5000 5000 RPM



Timing characteristic

Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Communication Frequency TCP 0.5 KHz
Communication Frequency UDP 2 KHz
start time after power up 1 s
connection time after startup time 1 s
PWM and Current Control Frequency 36 KHz
Speed Control Frequency 5 KHz
Position Control Frequency 5 KHz



Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Position accuracy (1 Sigma) 0.08 Degree
Sensor resolution 0.02 Degree

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